Young Girls Have Been Approached By Muslim Men

Published on 20 October 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 20 October 2020

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Muslim asylum seekers at Tenby army camp have been harassing young schoolgirls.

Locals in Tenby have taken to social media to write about concerns of inappropriate behaviour between some of the 250 male asylum seekers currently housed at Penally Army Camp and young girls in Tenby.

Witnesses have said that young girls have been approached by males while at the skate park in Tenby.

Reports circulating on Facebook have claimed to have direct knowledge that male Muslim residents of the camp have been talking and exchanging contact information with local school girls, some suggesting that they were in school uniform when talking with the men.

One local claimed: “So tonight a few of us concerned local parents decided to go to Tenby skate park.

“As we got there two young girls where sat on a bench waiting for someone.

“Some kids told us they were the ones talking to the men yesterday exchanging Snap Chat details and stuff.

“Then the men from the day before turned up… saw us and scurried off down the beach.

“The two girls then quickly wandered off.

“These girls were about 14.”

One resident had stated that they had reported the incidents he had seen and heard to the local police station, he claimed that an officer told him they were in talks with Greenhill School about the incidents.

Mohammad Algondi who posted 1 star on Google reviews is no doubt staying at the camp, I’m sure the homeless veterans on the streets of the UK would give alot more than one star for 3 meals a day and a warm bed.