West Midlands Police Officer Selling Sex Online

Published on 19 April 2021 by Kirsty

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Last modified 19 April 2021

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West Midlands perverted police officer busted flogging £150-an-hour threesomes with medic lover.

DC Nick Taylor and Eleanor Turner selling sex to perverts online.

West Midlands Police have finally plucked up the courage to investigate DC Nick Taylor, 39, who flogged threesomes with his lover Eleanor Turner, 28, for £150 per hour.

One senior cop with West Midlands Police, says he has done it “for years”.

The couple are named as “Mark and Courtney”, they advertise for sex on the website AdultWork. People can turn up at there house or the couple will visit punters for an extra charge.

The site stopped bookings over lockdown but the pair advise punters to message them direct.

An undercover Sun investigator agreed to a booking and visited the couples home, on arrival the undercover investigator was asked to take off his shoes.

After offering a drink, tattooed DC Taylor asked to get the “unpleasantries out of the way” – meaning coughing up the £300 for two hours.

He openly admitted to being in the “public sector” and said clients ranged from 21 to 70.

He added: “We get naked, we play and they join in.”

The investigator then made his excuses and left their £450,000 home near Telford, Shrops.


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