Violent attackers of two gay men in Calgary IDENTIFIED

Published on 5 August 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Violent attackers of two gay men in Calgary IDENTIFIED by Rebel News.

Two violent Muslim men have been identified.

On Monday night two gay men who were out for a walk in Calgary’s Kensington community were surrounded, beaten, stoned, whipped, and had a garbage can thrown at them by two racially diverse men on Lime scooters.

The mainstream media hasn’t published a word about the hate crime, and the police are actively looking for suspects, having made no arrests.

Rebel News is the only news outlet that is standing up for the gays, apparently. Through shoe-leather reporting we believe we have found the identity of one of the alleged assailants.

A careful comparison of photographs suggests that Ahmed Borhot, the owner of a Brentwood area barbershop, is the man appearing to wield a stone and belt, who allegedly took part in the violent assault that saw two men sent to the hospital with concussions and lacerations, with one victim slated for surgery.

Borhot’s barber shop was mysteriously closed throughout the whole business day on Tuesday.

A neighbouring business owner identified Ahmad Borhot as the alleged assailant in the shocking photos.

It’s not clear why the mainstream media has turned a blind eye to this horrifying assault in Calgary, nor why Justin Trudeau and Mayor Naheed Nenshi have been silent on the hate crime that has sent shockwaves through the gay community in Calgary.

I suppose it doesn’t fit the narrative, and gay people need to learn that when it comes to the Oppression Olympics, they don’t quite make the podium in the eyes of the liberal media — at least when the gay-bashers don’t fit the liberal narrative.

Rebel News has reached out to Borhot and will update the story if he responds.