Vile and twisted nurses laugh and threw stones at elderly dementia patients

Published on 30 November 2019 by Kirsty

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Last modified 19 January 2021

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Vile and twisted nurses who laughed as they threw stones at elderly dementia patients who begged them to stop are facing jail.

Abana Arshad, 23, and 24 year old Amy Greenhalgh hurled gravel at victims – then filmed their distressed reactions on mobile phones.

Up to seven elderly residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s were targeted by the pair while working at a specialist EMI unit at the care home in Salford, Greater Manchester. None of the victims were able to say who ill-treated them due to their confused condition. Arshad and Greenhalgh were eventually found out when one was seen loading her pockets with gravel from the driveway. It emerged one resident had rolled up plastic gloves thrown at her. Stones were also found on the floors of the the victims’ rooms. When the pair realised they were going to be discovered, they tried to pin the blame on some of the residents and called one innocent senior colleague as a ”crackhead.”

They also warned each other to delete any incriminating pictures on their phones. In a Facebook exchange Greenhalgh said: ”Someone’s reported us about stones being thrown.” Arshad then replied:.”Are you for real? You can’t trust anyone in work I swear. Greenhalgh added: ”Did we get all the stones off the floor in the rooms?” Abana replied: ”Don’t think anybody will clock that. I’ll back you.” Police found the messages when they interviewed the pair. One mocking video of a resident was recovered which said: ”Cindy dancing on the floor – checking if people are looking haha,” with lots of laughing emojis. At Manchester magistrates court, Arshad, from Crumpsall and Greenhalgh from Eccles were each convicted of ill-treatment of a person without mental capacity.

Several of their victims have since passed away. The incidents took place on July 15 2018 whilst the pair were working together at the 31 bed unit. Senior colleague Aaliyah Hussain told the hearing: ”One pair of rolled up gloves was thrown at a female resident called Cindy and she thought another male resident called Jack had thrown it and a verbal altercation then broke out between them. But it was either Abana or Amy who threw as one admitted it to another carer.”

The pair will be sentenced next month and were granted bail.