Teacher In UK Receives Death Threats From Muslims

Published on 26 March 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 26 March 2021

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The teacher that was suspended from Batley Grammar School has now received death threats from Muslims.

Batley Grammar School was founded in 1612 by a Christian, the Reverend William Lee.

The teacher suspended by Batley Grammar School was rushed from his home with his girlfriend and their family after receiving death threats.

Cowardly headteacher Gary Kibble, kept 980 children home after 50 Muslim protesters turned up for a second day.

The suspended teacher who cannot be named, is under police protection after he showed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to students.

Today more Muslim protesters gathered at the gates breaking Covid rules, but the police kept their distance and allowed the protest to continue.

One man at the gates, who only wanted to be named as Muhammed, said: ‘It’s a very sensitive topic, it’s about our prophet.

‘We want the teacher involved to be suspended on a permanent basis and not a temporary basis.’

He then added that they will come to the school gates every day until the teacher is sacked.

A police source says the Batley teacher is now receiving protection.

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