Taliban Share Images Of Repaired Military Vehicles

Published on 29 March 2023 by Dimitri

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Last modified 30 March 2023

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Taliban Share Images Of Repaired Military Vehicles Left By The West.

In a statement the Taliban have said “More military hardware has been found in a previously unidentified location. We are rapidly running out of storage space. We believe we now have more Humvees than the United States and its NATO partners combined”

According to the Taliban ministry, the haul of hardware includes over 150 types of Humvee in different configurations, as well as two “tanks”, hospital and supply trucks.

It’s estimated the US alone left $7 billion of military gear – including 78 aircraft, 12,000 Humvees and thousands of air-to-ground weapons.

Also left behind by the USA was huge amount of construction equipment. The Taliban have raised $4 billion by auctioning off 871 cranes, bulldozers, and other pieces of equipment to private companies. They are still finding large amounts of cash, weapons, and other valuable assets nearly two years after the USA left.


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