Swedish School Bans Lines From Christmas Carol

Published on 22 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Swedish school bans lines from Christmas carol over fears it would offend Muslims.

A swedish school has removed references to Christianity from a popular Christmas carol to avoid offending children of other religions. The school, in the area of Amal, has cut lines from ‘Now Light 1,000 Christmas Lights’ which make references to Jesus and God. Even a line about “a star over Bethlehem” has been edited – and replaced with the phrase “the star over all of us”.

The move has provoked criticism, with one of the pupil’s grandfathers writing an angry letter to a local newspaper. Calling for an end to “special treatment for newly arrived students”, he wrote: “Who took the decision to change the Christmas song? “The idea was that immigrants would be integrated into Swedish society and not vice versa. “We shouldn’t be afraid of our Swedish traditions. Soon we’ll have none left.”

More schools ban Christmas songs.

Italy school bans Jesus from being mentioned.

School Children in Italy have been banned from mentioning Jesus in Christmas songs as a matter of “respect” for non-Catholic students. Headteacher Paola Bellini and her pupils were due to stage their December production next Monday, and students have been practising their repertoire of three Christmas songs for a number of weeks. However, in a controversial move that has outraged parents, the lyrics of one popular Christmas song has been replaced – and the word Jesus shockingly omitted. Pupils will now be singing from lyric sheets that read “because this party is for you” instead of the more traditional “because Jesus was born”. Angry parents lashed out at the school, claiming Jesus’s name should promote unity and brotherhood instead of division and censorship. Even the priest of Pontevico, a small town in the province of Brescia, took a stand against the changes, saying: “Foreigners are welcome to know our culture, which we must not deny because it does not offend anyone.”

Christmas play scrubbed for fear of offending non-Catholics.

A nursery school has called off its Christmas play for fear of offending non-Catholic children at Maiolati Spontini near Ancona in Marche, sources said Thursday.
Parents slammed the move as “discrimination” against Catholics.