Swedish Police Didn’t Believe Emergency Call, While Man Murdered And Woman Raped Twice

Published on 31 October 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 5 November 2020

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Muslim migrant gangs have been terrorizing the streets in Sweden with a surge of murders and rapes.

A man was left to die after being stabbed and a woman raped twice by a migrant man after Swedish police refused to believe the woman’s first emergency phone call.

The murder of Swedish teen Tommy Lindh, who was stabbed to death by African migrant Mohamad Abubaker while trying to defend a woman from being raped in Härnösand, made headlines in Sweden earlier this year.

Originally, prosecutor Stina Sjöqvist claimed that Lindh had not tried to stop the rape of the woman but later reports revealed that the victim had told Lindh about the first rape and had contacted the police.

Now, according to a report from broadcaster SVT, the operator who spoke to the victim on the phone not only noted that the call was not likely to be valid but recorded the wrong address initially.

The first call, which lasted nearly ten minutes, took place at 6:37 am on May 10th after the African had raped the girl and threatened her with a knife.

At 7:35 am the girl, now in a toilet with Lindh, called again and confirmed to the police that the migrant was still in the apartment armed with a knife.

Lindh and the victim were waiting for the police but did not lock the door and Abubaker is said to have entered and stabbed Lindh to death, then raped the victim a second time in the same room as Lindh died.

Police officers finally arrived at the apartment at 8:10 am and interrupt the migrant raping the victim as Lindh lay bleeding to death on the floor. SVT states that police have not commented on their handling of the incident as it has been passed on to internal investigators.

The case is not the only murder case committed by a migrant this year in Sweden. In July, a 21-year-old man was stabbed 99 times by Afghan migrants while aboard a bus in Kiruna.

Three Afghan nationals, a man and his two sons, were later arrested for the alleged murder with prosecutors claiming the killing was motivated by honour culture.

Source: Breitbart