Sex predator with hideous facial tattoos called ‘Pirate’ won’t stand trial

Published on 13 December 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Sex case with hideous facial tattoos called ‘Pirate’ won’t stand trial in horror rape case after victim dies.

A convicted sex case with hideous facial tattoos won’t stand trial in a horror rape and kidnap case as the victim has died, prosecutors announced on Thursday.

Daniel Selovich, 37, who legally changed his name to “Pirate” in 2013, remains able to walk free in Fairbanks, Alaska, following the decision.

The Fairbanks district attorney had described the case involving Selovich as “extremely frustrating” due to legal wranglings involved.

Selovich was accused of subjecting the unnamed woman to a five-week long rape and torture ordeal in 2015.

He allegedly picked up the woman from Fairbanks airport before driving her to a remote cabin where he kept her captive as a sex slave.

The woman had told authorities she was kept with a rope around her neck that was tied to a beam on the roof of the cabin.

And Selovich used duct tape to bind her to himself at night to prevent her escaping, it was claimed.

But the case against Selovich was dropped in 2016 after the woman’s death – and a review of that decision concluded this week that it should not be reopened.

A former district attorney at the time of the 2016 decision had described the woman as a “necessary witness” in order to prosecute Selovich.

The review had been ordered amid a public outcry in Fairbanks at Selovich being allowed to roam free – reportedly even appearing on local dating websites using the name “Raven Bushmaster.”

Selovich has been tied to several rape and sexual assault cases across the US.

He was sentenced to four years in 2010 after pleading no contest over a 2004 rape in Redding, California.

And he was extradited to Las Vegas in 2016 over an unsolved rape involving a wheelchair-bound woman at a motel.

He was reportedly sentenced to five years over that attack, Metro reports.

But it is unclear how he was freed to return to Alaska – where outraged locals have been tracking his movements.

Jody Potts, a mother in Fairbanks, told the Anchorage Daily News: “People want to chase him out of town. But really he’s a problem wherever he goes.”