Sahar Al-Faifi suspended for numerous anti-Semitic posts

Published on 19 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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A suspended Plaid Cymru member who appeared in a party election broadcast has apologised for making social media posts which she admitted crossed the boundary into anti-Semitism.

Sahar Al-Faifi wrote numerous anti-Semitic posts.

Plaid Cymru announced an investigation into the activist’s membership on Sunday, after the posts re-emerged. Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Mid and West Wales, told BBC Radio Wales’ Breakfast programme that a disciplinary panel will look at the case. She said: “We felt we had no choice but to suspend her because we have to send a clear message to the Jewish community that we won’t tolerate anti-Semitism, just as we need to send clear messages to the Islamic community that we won’t tolerate Islamophobia, and indeed to women that we won’t tolerate the kind of misogyny that infects public life in Wales.