Rotherham Sex Abuse Victim And Her Children Receives Threats Of Violence

Published on 6 January 2020 by Kirsty

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Last modified 20 April 2021

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Rotherham sex abuse victim and her children receives threats of violence.

Rotherham sex abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse has claimed someone is sending her abusive messages and threatening to harm her children.

The mother-of-two was groomed by Muslim child sex gang leader Arshid Hussain in South Yorkshire from the age of 14. 

She was subjected to unthinkable sex abuse but waived her right to anonymity as a rape victim in 2017 to expose the grooming gang. 

The 34-year-old has been pushing for a change in the law after Rotherham Council tried to give Arshid access to her son, who he fathered when he raped her. 

But she now faces further suffering after a ‘local gangster’ messaged her now 18-year-old son in a bid to get money out of the family. 

Ms Woodhouse told MailOnline in a statement: ‘One of my sons has been sent a number of threatening messages via Facebook Messenger. 

‘The individual responsible for sending them is attempting to extort money from us by threatening my son.’ 

She tweeted today: ‘Sick and tired of ‘men’ sending messages to my kids threatening to harm us all and if we don’t meet there demands they’re coming to my home to harm my kids, smash windows and steal my car cause they think they’re little gangsters and we’re an easy target. Nothing but cowards!!’ 

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for further comment. 

Hussain, 43, the ringleader of the grooming gang, was not named on Ms Woodhouse’s son’s birth certificate and had no parental responsibility for the child, who was born after his mother was raped, aged just 15.

Hussain is now in a wheelchair after surviving a shooting. 

He is serving 35 years in prison for multiple rape offences against nine victims – some as young as 11.

Arshid Hussain was contacted last year by officials from Rotherham Council, who said he had a right to see the child.

Other survivors of the grooming gang branded the South Yorkshire Council’s actions ‘disgusting’. 

Rotherham abuse scandal: Who was in charge?

These are some of the people accused of “blatant” collective failures and allowing the sexual abuse to continue. The report detailed the sex abuse of nearly a thousand children between 1997 and 2013, mainly by gangs of men of Pakistani heritage.

Sammy Woodhouse now conducts speaking events at schools and elsewhere, explaining to teenagers, the police and social workers how to recognise that someone is being groomed.