Police Officers Kill 93 Year Old Disabled Pensioner

Published on 4 August 2022 by BrickTop

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Last modified 5 August 2022

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The two officers tasered, pepper sprayed and beat the one legged 93 year old dementia sufferer.

Two police officers are being investigated for the manslaughter of a dementia sufferer with one leg who died after he was Tasered, hit with a baton and pepper sprayed in his care home.

Police were called to a care home in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, on the afternoon of June 21 following reports that a wheelchair-bound elderly man was threatening staff.

(Lets remember this elderly man had dementia)

When two officers arrived they confronted Donald Burgess, 93, a resident at the care home who suffered from advanced dementia.

After engaging with him briefly one of the officers pepper sprayed him and then used his baton on him while the second officer tasered him.

The two officers – both police constables from Sussex Police – have been told they are under criminal investigation for manslaughter and have also been handed gross misconduct notices.

Neighbours at Mr Burgess’s former home in Battle said they were “stunned and shocked” by his tragic death.

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: “Oh what a tragedy. He was a lovely, sociable man. He and his wife, Ethel, lived here for years and they were a lovely couple.

“Ethel got cancer and the last time she went into a hospice I promised her I’d look after her Don. This is so upsetting. I can’t believe it. How terrible.”

She said Mr Burgess, a retired carpenter, had suffered from diabetes for some time and had to have his leg amputated as a result.

“After Ethel died he had his own carers,” the neighbour added. “But after he had his leg amputated he only came back for one night before he had to go into a care home.”

Another neighbour said: “He must have developed dementia after he went into the care home because he was always fine when he was here. We liked him. He was a friendly old guy. I think the death of his wife hit him very hard.”

Another resident said the couple were childless and had to rely on carers in their later years.

“They were both lovely,” said one. “I don’t remember Don having any hobbies like gardening or watching sport but I know he liked to watch the TV. He was a nice, gentle old man. What has happened to him has left me stunned and shocked. It’s absolutely dreadful.”

Another resident said: “How dreadful. I knew him quite well to pass the time of day with. He was a lovely old man.”

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