Police Batter And Abuse Pensioner With Alzheimer’s

Published on 7 September 2022 by BrickTop

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Bedfordshire Police batter and abuse pensioner with Alzheimer’s

Malcolm Emery, 81, was beaten and abused.

A police force has apologised to an 81-year-old man after he was left battered and bruised when he was arrested by two police officers.

Malcolm Emery, 81, was arrested on suspicion of assault after the two officers attended his home in an apparent case of mistaken address.

Bedfordshire Police has now concluded that Mr Emery should face no further action and referred itself to the police watchdog over its handling of the incident.

The retired milkman, who has Alzheimer’s, was alarmed when he noticed someone peer through his window at 5am last Friday and went out to investigate with what he claims was a walking stick.

Police had disputed what the object was and said it was ‘similar to a rounders bat in size and shape’ but officers in video from the scene described it as a stick.

The widower said he confronted the officers outside his home in Potton, Bedfordshire, and asked what they were doing. He was then attacked by the the two police officers.

Mr Emery said: ‘I was sat downstairs looking at the telly. This face appeared and I thought “What the bloody hell is going on?”

‘I went outside with my dog walking stick. I got within 12 foot. I have not got anywhere near them.

‘I walked up to see what was going on. I asked them what the hell they were playing at. We had an exchange of words.

‘When I saw the two police officers I put it (the stick) down by my side. That was it. I never raised it or anything like that.

‘I turned and walked back and the next thing I was on the ground. The two women had pounced on me. They were on my back.

‘I used to do martial arts and I managed to keep my face off the ground. They were kneeling down on me. I wondered what the hell was going on.’

‘They put my arms together and then threw me in the police van.’

The grandfather handcuffed and put in the back of a police care before he was taken to Bedfordshire police headquarters in Kempston where he was interrogated.

He said: ‘They said I punched them, but I never. They took me to the ground.’

Malcom was later taken to Bedford hospital and treated for injuries to his forearms were covered in cuts and bruises.

A bandage on right arm covers an area that may need a skin graft and Mr Emery said his son Paul is due to take him back to the hospital for an assessment.

Mr Emery said: ‘They were astounded at the hospital when I told them what had happened. They said it should never have happened.’

He added: ‘It is terrible that the police did this. They jumped on me from behind.’

Watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_sdV4MjJcg

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