Plans To House 500 Asylum Seekers In Portable Cabins At Barton Stacey

Published on 7 December 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 9 December 2020

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Priti Patel plans to house 500 illegal economic leaches in portable cabins at Barton Stacey and gets backing from Boris Johnson.

Locals include a lawyer who helped stop criminals being deported from the UK.

Locals have reacted with ‘horror’ to a proposal to house 500 illegal economic leaches in portable cabins near a picturesque village near one of the south’s busiest trunk roads.

The plan is for the asylum applicants to be stay in the makeshift housing on Ministry of Defence land by the A303 at Barton Stacey, Hants, while their applications are processed.

It is believed the green-belt village, which dates back to the Norman Conquest, is one of several sites under consideration by the Home Office.

But furious local council members have voiced their opposition to the idea, with one saying it would be ‘akin to an open prison’.

Parish council leader Brigadier Nicholas Prideaux complained: ‘My reaction is one of horror frankly. They are going put all these young people in cabins in open ground near the A303.

‘I have absolutely no idea what they will do… 500 young men with nothing to do.’

Brig Prideaux complained that he had ‘not been consulted at all’ on the proposal.

‘That is my whole reason for objecting to it. People will be concerned (about them being here) I am sure local people will be as concerned as I am.’

Similar accommodation at Penally and Napier Army barracks have been recently criticised for ‘prison-like’ conditions, and allegations that lawyers have been refused access to their clients.

Brig Prideaux has now demanded Home Secretary Priti Patel travels to the village to see ‘how unsuitable it is’ to host the temporary accommodation.

In a meeting with local MP Caroline Nokes, he said: ‘I have suggested (to her) that the Home Secretary comes down and look at the site herself then she will understand how suitable it is.

A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘We plan to fix our broken asylum system to make it firm and fair – compassionate to those fleeing oppression, persecution and tyranny but tough on those who abuse our system.

‘Given pressure on the system during these unprecedented times, we have worked tirelessly with local authorities and other partners to provide asylum seekers, who would otherwise be destitute, with suitable accommodation – as we are required to do by law.

‘Following a review of available government property, the MOD offered temporary use of some of its sites.

‘This includes Barton Stacey and we are engaging with leaders and officials at Test Valley and Hampshire councils, local MPs, the police and health services, among others, as we continue to explore this as an option.’