Penally Asylum Seekers Shouting And Drinking In Quiet Welsh Village

Published on 30 October 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 30 October 2020

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Drunk Penally Asylum Seekers Shouting, Drinking and breaking Wales’ ‘fire-break’ lockdown restrictions In Quiet Welsh Village.

Police were forced to warn the Illegal economic migrants staying at the Penally facility on breaking Wales’ ‘fire-break’ lockdown restrictions this week, after dozens of Muslim men from the camp were seen to be ‘shouting and drinking’ whilst walking ‘arm in arm’ through the quiet village one evening, in what has been described as seemingly a protest against the Welsh Government’s regulations.

One elderly villager reported on Tuesday night (October 27) that shortly after 6 pm, more than a dozen Illegal economic migrants from the facility were seen out in force breaking the rules.

“More than a dozen walked past my cottage arm in arm – no masks, ignoring social distancing shouting and drinking with a large police van following them”

A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys Police issued the following statement on the incident: “On the evening of Tuesday, October 27, police were made aware that a number of men were on the Village Green in Penally, breaking the current Welsh Government restrictions.

“The men, from the Penally Asylum Accommodation Centre, were spoken to and advised to return to their accommodation. Officers followed the men to ensure they returned to the centre.

“Officers will always aim to engage, educate and encourage adherence to the national measures with enforcement being the last action.

“The management team at the centre will be advised so that the firebreak requirements can be reinforced to the service users resident at the centre,” they added.

The incident follows another matter over the weekend, after ‘fire-break’ restrictions came in on October 23, where Dyfed-Powys Police issued a fixed penalty notice to a female who was deemed to be breaking the current lockdown rules by traveling to the Penally Asylum Accommodation Centre.