Pakistan Groomer Thinks Violent Rape Is Fine

Published on 11 June 2021 by Geordie

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Last modified 9 June 2022

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Pakistan Groomer thinks his violent rape of a 13 year old white girl is no big deal

Qari Abdul Rauf, violently raped the 13 year old white girl.

A Muslim grooming gang member who got a girl pregnant and trafficked a 15-year-old said ‘we have not committed that big a crime’ as he said it would breach his human rights to be sent back to Pakistan.

Adil Khan, 51, and Qari Abdul Rauf, 52, have been told they are to be deported from the UK for the public good after both were part of a notorious gang convicted of a catalogue of serious sex offences against young girls.

The pair are appealing against a deportation order served last July. Khan told an immigration tribunal hearing today: ‘We have not committed that big a crime.’

He claims to have renounced his Pakistani citizenship which would make him ‘stateless’ and would be a bar to deportation.

Khan got a 13-year-old girl pregnant but denied he was the father then met another girl, 15, and trafficked her to others using violence when she complained.

Khan, Rauf and two others were among nine Asian men convicted of sex offences against vulnerable girls in 2012.

For two years from early 2008, girls as young as 12 were plied with alcohol and drugs and gang-raped in rooms above takeaway shops and ferried to different flats in taxis where cash was paid to use the girls.

Thousands of young white girls were allowed to fall into the hands of Muslim grooming gangs because police and social workers were scared of seeming racist, an official report says.

Ex-police officer Maggie Oliver, 65, who quit Greater Manchester Police over its lack of action over the scandal, said the sight of Rauf ‘made her blood boil’.

She said: ‘The victims have been treated disgracefully and he is carrying on as if he’s done nothing wrong.

‘The public and the victims see the criminal justice system failing them. Sadly it does not surprise me he hasn’t been deported.’

Billy Howarth, founder of Parents Against Grooming UK in Rochdale, said: ‘We demand an explanation as to why they have not been deported.

‘That was one of the promises, that these men would be removed from the country so they would not have to set eyes on them again.

‘People are going mad over it, especially the people who live on the same streets with them.’

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