Muslim Thugs Who Brutally Assaulted 75-Year-Old Man Will Serve Less Than Two Years.

Published on 22 September 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Muslim men who assaulted senior will serve less than two years for ‘unprovoked gratuitous violence’

Muslim thugs viciously beat Morty White in an unprovoked attack.

Two Muslim men who viciously assaulted a senior in an unprovoked attack in Vanier in 2018 will each serve less than two years in jail after a judge deducted time for restrictive bail conditions and credit for time already served, including so-called “Covid credit” in a sentence rendered in an Ottawa courtroom Monday.

Ontario Court Justice Peter Doody found Yusuf Hussein and Abdirahman Sahal guilty in February of aggravated assault for the Dec. 8, 2018, attack that left 75-year-old Morty White bleeding in a parking lot with a fractured pelvis, two broken ribs and a broken nose.

White testified at trial along with another man, 57-year-old Julian Wilson, who testified he was walking down the Montreal Road sidewalk that morning when the two assailants crossed the street and without warning one of them punched him in the face.

He ran away, and moments later White, a retired baker who was on his way home after his traditional weekend breakfast with friends, stepped out of a bank and into their path.

White told court that while he does not have any lasting side effects, the attack has impacted White and those close to him with an “understanding the fragility of life and what might have been,” Doody said.

White wrote to the judge: “While I have the ability not to dwell on negativity and try to just look forward, this shouldn’t have happened to me or anyone else and I am pleased that justice is being served.”

Assistant Crown attorney Matthew Humphreys had asked for four years in a federal penitentiary. Hussein’s defence lawyer Shira Brass argued for a suspended sentence and probation, while Sahal’s lawyer Sarah Ahsan argued for a six-month term for her client after deducting credit for time served in custody and under restrictive bail conditions.

Defence lawyers for both men asked the judge to “consider the effect of the pandemic” in his sentencing decision.

Ahsan sought additional credit for the effect the pandemic had on Sahal while incarcerated, arguing the asthma Sahal suffers puts him at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, and therefore he “suffered emotional stress beyond that suffered by inmates when the pandemic was not an issue.”

Muslim thugs Yusuf Hussein (left) and Abdirahman Sahal.

In the judge’s ruling, Doody granted Sahal an additional 12 days off his sentence for the time he served during the outset of the pandemic in March before he was released on bail in April.

“I recognize that the risk of transmission of the virus is higher where people are at close quarters. It will be with us for a while,” Doody said. “Nevertheless, I have concluded that the sentences I am imposing are as short as possible, considering all of the circumstances of the offences and the offenders.”

Sahal’s three-year sentence was reduced by more than 14 months after calculating credit for time served. He was credited 354 days for pre-sentence custody and 12 days for a “COVID credit,” the judge wrote in his decision, for the time he served between the outset of the pandemic crisis on March 13 and April 4, the day he was released on bail. He was credited for another 60 days under restrictive bail conditions.

The judge calculated he has 669 days, or 22 months left to serve.

Hussein was handed a 30-month sentence, which was reduced after credit for time in pre-sentence custody and under restrictive bail to 695 days, or about 23 months in jail.