Muslim Rape Gangs Still Active In England

Published on 20 December 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 20 December 2020

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Muslim rape gangs still active in England as 2,000 victims in the last year were ‘fobbed off by authorities’

Gang of Muslim men hassling school girls for sex.

Muslim grooming gangs continue to abuse children in northern towns and police are still failing to investigate, according to alleged victims and campaigners.

Whistle-blower and former detective at Greater Manchester Police, Maggie Oliver, has told Sky News that she’s helped 2,000 victims in the last year alone who have been “fobbed off by the authorities”.

Sky News understands that the Home Office is preparing to publish a paper on predatory gangs as early as next week.

One alleged survivor of child sexual abuse has told Sky News she continues to be attacked by a Muslim gang now that she is an adult, and she was punished by them with a violent sexual assault after she gave a statement to the police about her historical abuse.

“Sarah” took us to the place where she alleges she was raped.

It’s a bleak journey. As the road snakes across barren moorland, the only break in the landscape is wind farms churning the foggy air.

She said she was abducted after speaking to the police and taken to a secluded place where she’d been abused as a child; a layby on the West Yorkshire moors.

Sarah isn’t her real name and to further protect her identity we won’t specify which Yorkshire town she is from, but she wants her story told because she fears police inaction is putting her and other women and children at risk.

She said: “They raped me first and then they said to me ‘stop speaking to the police, don’t speak to the police, why are you doing that?’ All that kind of stuff and then he hit me.

“He cut my stomach with an old blade from a pair of scissors and then hit me around the head.”

Sarah was allegedly abused by the gang from the age of 14, but after reporting historical and ongoing attacks she has been arrested herself numerous times for public order offences and failing to provide a breath sample.

On one occasion, after reporting being raped, she claims her finger was broken after being slammed in a police cell door.

In contrast, Sarah said none of her Muslim abusers have faced charges.

She believes West Yorkshire Police hasn’t taken the claims seriously nor acted to disrupt the Muslim gang’s activities.

Source – jihadwatch