Muslim Pedophile Jailed For Abusing 11-year-old Girl

Published on 29 November 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 7 April 2021

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Kamir Khan jailed for just four and a half years for grooming and abusing an 11-year-old girl.

Sick pervert, Kamir Khan.

The 31-year-old Muslim is the latest in a long line of abusers to be convicted for abusing girls and young women in Rotherham, where South Asian heritage gangs once preyed upon mostly white, working-class victims in untold numbers with near-impunity for years, due to the authorities’ reluctance to intervene in case they were accused of “racism”.

Khan was convicted of “two counts of assaulting a girl under 13 by touching, inciting a girl to engage in sexual activity and engaging in sexual communication with a child” at Sheffield Crown Court, according to an official South Yorkshire Police news bulletin.

The court heard that the paedophile had bombarded the girl with “over 4,000 messages over a three-month period” over Snapchat and WhatsApp. including “lewd photos”, under the alias ‘Zayn’, “and at one point, even told her he loved her and wanted to marry her”.

Khan “inappropriately touched” the 11-year-old on two occasions in 2019, with the abuse only coming to light when the girls’ mother went through her phone. She then became “visibly distressed” and revealed what had been happening to her.

The sentencing judge saw fit to impose only a light sentence on Khan, however, handing him a term of just four and a half years.

Criminals in Britain do not typically serve their full sentences, either, with non-“life” sentences typically including a right to automatic early release on licence at the halfway or, more rarely, two-third point in the term.

“Khan preyed on his victim over a period of months, taking full advantage of her age, and her vulnerability. He manipulated her in to thinking he was her boyfriend, and it was normal for him to send her such explicit messages,” commented Rachel Scott, Investigating Officer, for South Yorkshire Police.

“This girl has been incredibly strong throughout this inquiry and I couldn’t be prouder of how much she has assisted our investigation,” Scott said.

“This was a difficult case, however I am pleased that we were able to establish such evidence that Khan had no option [but] to plead guilty to these offences. I believe he is a danger to children and I am pleased that he is now behind bars.

“I want to take this opportunity to remind young people to consider their safety online and never give out personal details or share intimate pictures. To parents, if your child is on social media sites, please be vigilant and regularly ask who they are speaking to,” she warned.