Muslim mob sexually assault screaming woman during New Years celebrations in Egypt

Published on 2 January 2020 by Kirsty

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Last modified 19 January 2021

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The young woman can be seen crying for help while dozens of men surround her and physically assaulted her.

The woman is seen standing alone in what appears to be the atrium of a shopping centre while a gang of Muslim men gathers at the foot of a set of stairs beneath her.

She is then seen in the centre of a dense crowd, screaming and trying to push her way towards a car as perverted men grab at her.

Dozens of men are packed in around her while others climb onto the roof of the car holding sticks. She is eventually able to fight her way to the door of the car and clamber inside.

Local police have confirmed the authenticity of the footage and announced an investigation, saying they would use the film to identify the woman’s attackers, Albawaba reported.

Posting to twitter in Arabic, one woman wrote: “I swear this is terrifying.

“If there were real laws protecting her this would have never happened.”

Surveys have also found that a significant majority of foreign women in Egypt do not feel secure on the streets. Sexual assault has been a particular problem at many of the political protests that have taken place in Egypt in recent years, reportedly used by opponents of the unrest to intimidate female demonstrators.