Muslim migrants get only three- to five-year sentences for gang-raping teenage girl

Published on 7 August 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Muslim men who gang-raped an 18-year-old girl after spiking her drink are jailed.

Angela Merkel’s open-border policy for Muslim migrants has become a nightmare for German citizens. We always hear left-wing apologists shouting “Refugees welcome here, they are not dangerous, they are in danger.” The left continually want to appease the Muslim community, and if others protest against these heinous crimes, leftists become angry and even violent. When Germany imports people who follow a seventh-century barbaric ideology, these type of crimes become the norm.

The victim in this case was sexually abused and drugged by these sexual predators. Most of the perpetrators are of Syrian origin; the others are  from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Daily Mail reported that rape gang leader’s name was Majd, in the above image he is smiling as he shows no remorse for the horrific act he has done. The Daily Mail also stated his other accomplices were Ahmed, Muhammad, and Muhanad. These were the only perpetrators that were named. These are Islamic names. The perpetrators are not Christian or Yazidi; they are Muslims.

This rape epidemic is happening on an industrial scale across Europe because we have mass levels of Muslim migration. The victim stated that she was raped for up four hours. This has destroyed her life, yet the leader of the gang can be seen smirking. When the rape occurred in 2018, German authorities stated that Majd was a dangerous individual and could commit further crimes of sexual coercion, yet the police waited thirteen days to arrest him.

The AfD party in Germany has been protesting against Islam and Islamic rape gangs during the rise of these crimes, and rightly so. The AfD should be in charge and begin to properly deal with these crimes, as Angela Merkel is making Germany commit societal suicide. In addition, Merkel is also following the footsteps of her predecessor, Adolf Hitler, who admired Islam and said he wished it had been the dominant religion in Germany.

The Koran repeatedly states that Muslims can take infidel women and girls as sex slaves; see 4:24, 4:3, 23:6 and 33:50. Islam also mandates that it is the female’s responsibility to cover up and wear a headscarf, and that she must do so to protect against being molested, which means that if she doesn’t do so, men cannot be expected to control their sexual desires (33:59). Mohammed also had sex slaves, who had to remain naked from the waist up; this is exactly what ISIS did to Yazidis.

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