Muslim Man Jailed For Stabbing Woman With Scissors

Published on 16 May 2021 by Dimitri

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Last modified 16 May 2021

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Violent Muslim thug is jailed for stabbing his ex in the head with scissors.

Sohaib Younis, 27, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, only got sentenced to four years.

A ‘dangerous’ Muslim thug has been jailed for a terrifying attack in which he pulled a woman’s teeth out and stabbed her in the head.

Bradford Crown Court heard the defendant breached a restraining order last year to enter the woman’s home and try to resume their ended relationship.

Following a struggle between the pair Younis told the victim he would ‘kill her’ if she called the police then fled the scene.

He returned a week later and got into the house but became angry when his ex said he couldn’t get into bed, punching her several times in the face.

Younis dragged her into the living room by her hair and kicked her in the face before picking up a pair of scissors and stabbing her in the left side of her head.

He then refused to leave and lunged at her with a screwdriver causing a cut above her eye, prosecutor Nadim Bashir said.

He told the court Younis pinned the woman down, put his hand into her mouth and pulled out her two bottom teeth – causing immense pain.

She tried to escape through the bathroom window but he attacked her again, squeezing her throat, it was heard.

When he found out that the police were looking for him, he punched the woman again and hit her over the head with a clock, it was heard.

Younis was arrested three days later and claimed to be confused about events. He said he had stopped taking his psychosis medication and was using crack cocaine.

He later pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and breaching the restraining order and on Friday he was sentenced to only four years behind bars.

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