Muslim Man Attacks Wife For Talking To Another Man

Published on 26 January 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 26 January 2021

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Muslim man sliced wife’s face open with knife after flying into rage because she talked to another man.

Muslim men disfigure their wives and girlfriends to make sure no-one else can have them.

A Jealous Muslim man sliced his wife’s face wide open after tracking her down via Instagram and seeing her speaking to her male friend.

Mesut Öztürkmen, 45, went to find his wife, Anna Butim, 28, after she posted a picture on social media with her sister at a shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey.

Upon arrival, he saw Anna speaking to another man and launched into a frenzied attack, according to reports.

Mesut allegedly left her with horrific slashes across her right cheek and temple before fleeing the scene like a coward.

Shocked witnesses then called emergency services and she was rushed to hospital to treat her injuries.

The right side of her face was left paralysed after the nerve that controls muscles was damaged during the violent incident, according to Turkish media.

Twisted and Evil, Mesut Öztürkmen.

Anna, originally from Ukraine, recalled the horrific incident while speaking to Turkish media.

She said: “We were sitting on a bench and looking at the sea when he [Mesut] grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards.

“I felt blows to my face and saw blood squirting everywhere.

“I was sure he was about to kill me. I was scarred for life.”

Following the attack, Anna released pictures of her injuries on social media saying she was “scared for her life”.

Her account is consistent with reports that say she was shopping with her sister and a male friend when Mesut approached her from behind and launched the attack.

Mesut was arrested a day later and accused of “attempting to kill his wife intentionally”.

During interrogations, he reportedly confessed to the attack and said he “lost his temper when he saw his wife chatting with another man”.

Reports also claim he confessed to attacking his wife with a stationery knife which he carried in his pocket after tracking her down.

The couple have been married for around three years and have a one-year-old son together.

But their marriage has hit the rocks and they’re going through a divorce and live separately.

According to Anna, the marriage didn’t work because Mesut was always jealous of her and constantly flew into fits of rage.

She initiated the divorce five months ago and moved out without telling him her new address due to fear.

She claimed she was afraid that he would try to seek revenge for leaving him and tried to hide in Istanbul.