Muslim Immigrants Taunt British PCSO

Published on 6 May 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 30 November 2020

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A group of Muslim immigrant yobs taunted a PCSO by taking his bike after he caught them playing cricket during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Muslim men laughed and mocked the officer after he approached them to remind them of the government guidelines. One of the men takes the PCSO’s bike as his shameless pals shout: “You just got robbed.”

Nearly all of the Muslim men choose to film the officer on their smartphones before ones asks him to “give a message to the cricket team”.

One of the men then tells him: “Go home! How are you going to get home, officer? Where’s your bike?

“Look how many cameras are around you right now.”

The officer replies: “I don’t care I’m doing the right thing here.”

Another Muslim man says: “Do you want a sticker?” Before his friend adds: “Leave him man, he’s about to cry.”

The officer then replied: “Guys, go home, seriously.”

They then appear to be moving away from the park as a member of the group said: “Alright man, you’ve said it about 10 times.”

Thousands of native Brits have criticised the Muslim men “absolutely despicable” behaviour.

One wrote: “These arrogant yobs are NOT from our shores. They should be rounded up and sent back to wherever they came from. OK, They may have been born here but they are NOT ENGLISH.

“Poor police officer, huge respect for his patience and restraint, no one deserves to be treated like this – important lesson should be taught.

“A group of Muslims who don’t believe the laws and conventions of Britain apply to them. Let’s make our country a very hard place for them to live.”

Another added: “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen. This guy is doing his job, advising you guys to stay home for you and your families health.

“Imagine in Ramadan not being able to have a drop of respect in you. Also, if lockdown doesn’t get released it’s thanks to the boys like this.”