Muslim charged with attempted murder after rabbi stabbed in broad daylight

Published on 14 June 2020 by Dimitri

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Muslim man stabs rabbi in hate crime, but British police say it’s not “terror-related”

A rabbi was stabbed in broad daylight on a London street today in a suspected hate crime before two hero builders tackled the knifeman to the ground.

Horrified witnesses screamed ‘He’s got a knife… stabbing!’ before they grabbed the suspect and pinned him down after the attack in Stoke Newington, north London.

Rabbi Alter Yaakov Schlesinger, in his 50s, was taken to hospital after being stabbed multiple times including in the head and the knifeman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Construction site manager Lazar Friedlander and his brother Matt have told how they ran towards the attacker and restrained him after hearing a ‘serious scream’.

Lazar said: ‘I’m Jewish myself, and I can see another Jewish man shouting ‘hold him, catch him, he’s got a knife! Stabbing!’…

Though officers said the incident was not being treated as terror-related, some onlookers, believed he may have been targeted because of his religion.

‘Why he stabbed the Jewish man? I reckon it was a hate crime,’ Mr Friedlander said.

He added that he tried to speak to the assailant after pinning him down but ‘he just blanked me and wouldn’t say anything’….

Peter Lolkiewicz, a property manager, said he believed the knife used in the attack was about seven inches long: ‘I saw a man with a knife holding up the blade walking confidently towards the Nat West bank.’…

Workmen and a driver for takeaway service Deliveroo pinned the assailant, said to be of Asian descent, to the ground before police attended the scene.