Muslim Battered His Own daughter With Metal Bar

Published on 4 August 2023 by BrickTop

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Last modified 4 August 2023

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Muslim battered his own daughter, 15, with metal bar outside school because she was wearing make-up.

Hussein Alinzi viciously beat his own daughter.

The Muslim man beat his daughter outside her school during a row over a boy has been spared jail after she gave an emotional courtroom plea for mercy.

Delivery driver Hussein Alinzi, 59, battered the 15-year-old with a metal bar on the morning of her English GCSE exam when he dropped her off early at the gates of the Whalley Range High School to find them still locked.

During the assault Alinzi accused his daughter of secretly planning to a meet a boy ahead of the exam and berated her for wearing makeup. But it later emerged the real reason she did so was to cover up the bruises he had inflicted on her.

She briefly lost consciousness but came around and subsequently tried to sit the test. However she complained of feeling dizzy and nauseous and was taken out of the exam hall before being admitted to A&E.

Following the brutal attack, the youngster was found to have suffered 14 different sites of injury including facial bruising and was also treated for a bite mark to her left temple.

She later filed a report to her teachers and then police telling how her father had previously maltreated and bullied her over a two-year period issuing threats including: ‘I will run you over,’ and ‘I will kill you,’ and ‘I hope you die.’

She also said he had prevented her from going to the park and was only allowed to have female family friends.

Hussein Alinzi was spared jail at Manchester Crown Court as he was handed an eight month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.

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