Mum Let Her Vulnerable Son Starve To Death Released From Prison

Published on 20 December 2020 by Kirsty

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Last modified 20 December 2020

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Mum who let 18-year-old son starve to death released after less than two years behind bars.

Dawn Cranston ‘never wanted’ her son Jordan Burling, neighbours claim.

Jordan Burling, 18, weighed less than six stone and his appearance was likened to a concentration camp victim as he succumbed to malnutrition over a six-month period.

His mother Dawn Cranston, 45 was later found guilty of his manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison, but Cranston will now spend Christmas as a free woman after being released.

Today, a source said: “It’s sickening that after what she was found guilty of she is now back walking the streets.

“She’s not shown an ounce of remorse over what happened or for how Jordan ended up dying.”

Jordan’s case shocked the country when details of it emerged in 2018. There was seemingly no reason for the vulnerable but healthy young man to starve to death apart from sheer neglect.

By the time his mother Dawn, 45, finally called 999 in June 2016 he was confined to a bed on the living room floor, covered in deep bedsores and had even been put in nappies.

A police search also found the remains of Jordan’s baby brother, hidden in a rucksack in a cupboard for 14 years. The case raised serious questions about how the dysfunctional family were allowed to drop off the authorities’ radar.

Jordan’s sister Abigail Burling, 25, was cleared of his manslaughter by jurors but convicted of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable person. His grandmother Denise was also found guilty of manslaughter.

Over around six months until his death, Jordan lost weight dramatically without suffering any illness to cause it, living off a daily diet of five supermarket milkshakes.

During the four week trial in 2018, prosecutor Nicholas Lumley QC had told the jury: “The fault lies with each of the accused.

“What met the eyes of the paramedics was a shocking and disturbing scene.

“Jordan was lying, utterly helpless, on an inflatable mattress in a cluttered living room.

“He was little more than skin and bones, he weighed 37kg, less than six stones. He wore a soiled nappy under some pyjamas.

“The expert dietitian said they had never seen such malnutrition in 26 years and likened the condition of the body to that found in WWII extermination camps.

“His heart stopped, his life could not be saved. He he expired in that living room.”

Jordan Burling was left to die in squalid conditions.

Cranston is now living in a bail hostel in the north west of England.

A source said: “Given what she has been convicted of it doesn’t feel like the kind of place she should be living near to.”

But an MOJ spokesman insisted: “This accommodation allows us to closely monitor prison leavers – reducing the likelihood of them reoffending.”