Migrant leach says ‘Life in Hull is the same as in Iraq’

Published on 13 January 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 24 January 2021

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Migrant leach now wants council house after fleeing Middle East.

Migrants showing their appreciation to the British tax payer.

Migrants showing their appreciation to the British tax payer.

A refugee who fled the Middle East  says life in Hull is ‘the same’ as Iraq.

Intesar Hassan, 55, was sent to East Yorkshire with her children by the UN in 2012 as she fled Iraq.

Since arriving in the city, the mother says she has been left mostly bed bound and reliant on a wheelchair, after enduring squalor at her home and having to wash in her kitchen sink.

The mother-of-four says her life in Hull is in fact ‘hell’, adding: ‘When I think about Iraq and Hull, they are the same to me.

‘When I came here my health conditions worsened and are getting worse day by day in this house.

‘I cannot walk, talk or eat due to the conditions I am living in. All night long I worry about the house.’ 

The family was placed into their private-rented house in west Hull eight years ago and paid for by the British tax payer.

Since then, Ms Hassan claims there has been no maintenance carried out on the house, while also stating there is no heating and there’s damp on the walls. 

Ms Hassan’s landlord said: ‘The flat was in immaculate condition upon the tenants arrival and they are denying access to maintenance workers’.

‘They have racked up over £5,000 in arrears and they have allowed the housing benefit to be cancelled. They have told me they will be gone by the end of the month.’

A spokesman for Hull City Council said its environmental health team had also been denied access to the house.