Lily Allen posts another Instagram rant slamming social media sites for spreading lies

Published on 15 December 2019 by Kirsty

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Lily Allen today claimed she deleted Twitter as it spread “disinformation and lies”

She had been one of a host of celebrities to back Labour – unleashing a series of furious Tweets as Boris Johnson won the election in a landslide victory.

The 34-year-old then deleted her account.

The pop star was silent for little more than 24 hours on social media before she then went onto Instagram to unleash yet another rant over the majority vote.

She wrote: “I said I thought the election was won by Boris because of this country’s deep rooted racism and misogyny.

“It’s being reported that I deleted my Twitter because I couldn’t handle the abuse and humiliation that I got in the wake of my comments.

“It’s annoying of course to be bullied and have so much hate thrown in your direction, but that’s been happening for 10 years.

“I deleted my Twitter because I really believe that these platforms have given a voice to the far right and they use them to spread disinformation and lies, which win them elections and ruin people’s lives.

“If they didn’t exist we wouldn’t be here.”

And she added: “I want to delete my Instagram too but I’m just not there yet. I so wish I was.”

The singer had captioned her post “social meeja”.

A link to Allen’s account now shows the message: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist.”

Earlier, even as the exit poll predicted a crushing loss for the party, she tweeted: “Still holding out for a Labour majority”.

As Labour’s star fell Allen, 34, was composing furious tweets as the Tories romped home with 365 seats.

Allen retweeted a post implying she thought Britain is racist, writing: “Vote for your kids to die with no healthcare and less brown ppl but the joke is capitalism needs cheap foreign workers to exploit so will NEVER reduce immigration so jokes on u.”

She also tweeted: “I think that racism and misogyny runs so deep in this country and that Boris won because of his attitude towards those things and not in spite of them.”

When one user asked if Allen was OK, she snapped back: “Yes, I am fine, it’s not me you should be worrying about.”

Piers Morgan was among the celebrities to slam her, writing angrily: “I think I speak for Britain when I say if @lilyallen doesn’t like it here, why doesn’t she fuck off?”

Allen – whose estimated worth is £15million – previously grabbed headlines after posting a video of herself apparently overcome at the content of Labour’s manifesto.

Her eyes streaming with tears, she was filmed saying: “Guys I’ve just watched the Labour manifesto. I think it’s the best manifesto I’ve ever seen.”

The veteran MP has now said he will step down before the next election – but has not said when that will be.