Labour MP Jacqui Smith expenses scandal

Published on 2 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Labour MP Jacqui Smith expenses, exposed by a Sunday newspaper in February.

She claimed for thousands of pounds for mortgage interest, but her constituents were far more angry the following month when another newspaper published a breakdown of the household items she had claimed for.

They included a Habitat stone kitchen sink for £550, a dining room table for £460, and antique-style fireplace for £1,000 and, of course, a plug for the sink, costing 88p.

In February 2006, she claimed £399 for a flatscreen television, £119 on a hi-fi and £169 on a DVD player.

Two months later, she spent £209 on a tumbledryer, while in May 2007, she spent a further £319 on a Zanussi washing machine.

Other costs for the Redditch house included redecorating in May 2006 at a cost of £1,370 and a blue sofabed with a matching footstool which cost £704. Gardening costs ranged from £15.92 for compost to £9.98 for a camellia. A patio heater cost £79.

Worse was to come, when it later emerged that Miss Smith claimed the cost of watching 18-certificate films on her expenses.

Her husband, Richard Timney, who is paid £40,000 a year from public funds to act as Miss Smith’s researcher, admitted that he watched the pay-per-view films and apologised for causing “embarrassment”.