Labour council ‘illegally registered thousands of students

Published on 20 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Labour council ‘illegally registered thousands of students to vote in General Election without their knowledge’ in move that could swing two close fights for seats.

A Labour-run Plymouth Council has been accused of illegally registering students to vote en masse. Around 850 students and under-17s in Plymouth were put on the electoral roll without having completed their own applications. Some Conservatives in the city suspect the move is an attempt to boost the Labour vote by increasing the number of young voters, who polls show tend to vote for left-wing parties. The same council was investigated over the same issue earlier this year, when 3,000 students were said to have appeared on the electoral roll without having registered. Johnny Mercer, the Conservative candidate Plymouth Moor View, tweeted: ‘Really disappointed that, again, Plymouth City Council have registered students to vote en masse without their consent. ‘I want as many people to vote as possible, but don’t believe in these practices which are inevitably open to abuse, and are not legal.’

The council said 137 of the 635 students wrongly added to the register had been sent polling cards, but it has now written to them saying they have now been removed from the roll and need to re-register. But some in the Tory party fear other councils around the country may be making similar errors.