Labour candidates who stand accused of blatant anti-Semitism

Published on 27 November 2019 by Kirsty

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Last modified 19 January 2021

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Labour is continuing to back a number of candidates accused of anti-Semitism.


Alana Bates, St Ives.

Alana Bates performs with a band which recorded a song and music video called “From the River to the Sea”, which calls for the destruction of Israel.
“The lyrics include: “Justice should not have to wait, Israel’s an apartheid state, Justice should not have to wait, Israel is a racist state”.


Aspana Begum

In 2014, after Tel Aviv university awarded a prize to Tony Blair, Apsana Begum said the uni was “offering scholarships to students for spreading Zionist propaganda”. In 2017, Ms Begum shared a Facebook post which said Saudi Arabia’s decision to not allow some Qatari pilgrims to enter Mecca was “inspired by their Zionist masters”. Questions are still being asked over how Labour’s Apsana Begum leapt to the top of a housing list.


Lisa Forbes

In 2018, she signed a letter to the Labour NEC opposing the party adopting the international definition of anti-Semitism because it would stop people from being able to say Israel is a racist endeavour. In 2019 she “liked” a Facebook post accusing Theresa May of having a “Zionist slave masters agenda.”


Rebecca Jenkins

Defended an infamously anti-Semitic mural which showed men with hook-noses sitting around a Monopoly board on the backs of the oppressed. She wrote the words “hear hear” in response to the message “All we gotta do is stand up and it’s game over” superimposed over the mural.


Afzal Khan

Labour’s shadow immigration minister shared a Facebook post referring to an “Israel-British-Swiss- Rothschilds crime syndicate” and “mass murdering Rothschilds Israeli mafia criminal liars”. He also tweeted that “The Israeli state are acting like the Nazis.”


Kate Linnegar

In 2016, she liked a post linking to an article called “How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis.” The same year she ‘liked’ a Facebook post which compared Israel to Hitler.


Ali Milani

The Labour candidate hoping to oust Boris Johnson has said Israel has “no right to exist” and was “built on ethnic cleansing”. He also told Iranian state broadcaster Press TV that the 9/11 attacks on the US were a “false flag” operation, suggesting the American government was behind them.


Dinah Mulholland

She signed the letter objecting to the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. This definition is the international standard used by organisations and public bodies for rooting out anti Jew hate.


Zarah Sultana

She taunted the departing vice president of the National Union of Students by claiming he did not “serve Israel as well as you would’ve liked”. She has also written about supporting “violent resistance” by Palestinians and said she would celebrate the deaths of Tony Blair Benjamin Netanyahu.


Louise Webberley

The wannabe MP engaged with a Facebook post alleging that “the Israeli state is proven to be interfering in UK politics far beyond anything convenient scapegoat Russia is allegedly doing, but nobody wants to risk upsetting them because they are judged to be so powerful.” She responded by writing “completely agree”.