ISIS fanatics could face execution without trial

Published on 28 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Jihadi Jack and other Brit ISIS fanatics could face execution without trial in Assad’s special terror courts.

In Syria, membership of ISIS is a hanging offence and Assad promises foreign fighters will not escape punishment. Thousands of prisoners have already been executed inside Saydnaya Prison, claims Amnesty International. Assad made his comments in an interview with Paris Match when asked about a deal with a Kurdish-led force which would eventually bring the north of the country under government control. The Syrian Democratic Forces – who defeated ISIS with the help of the US-led coalition – are now holding more than 10,000 militants.

Although most are Syrians and Iraqis those being kept inside the jails also include around 2,000 foreigners including so-called Jihadi Jack. In October, the useless piece of shit was spotted cowering on the floor in a pool of piss of a Syrian prison. Footage emerged of  Jack Letts – who once declared himself an “enemy of Britain” – looking gaunt as he curled up in a overcrowded cell. It showed him in an orange jumpsuit alongside other inmates who had been captured by Kurdish militia. Letts is believed to be behind bars in the city of Qamishli, hopefully he’s first in the queue for the firing squad.

The 23-year-old coward left a plush middle class life to join ISIS in Syria, but was captured by Kurdish forces as the terrorist caliphate collapsed. After being captured, he meekly pleaded to be allowed back to his Oxfordshire home and in the arms of his mummy and daddy saying he had “no intention of blowing up Britons.”

Most European countries are refusing to take back their citizens and a number of French ISIS prisoners have already received death sentences in trials in Iraq. Letts was stripped of his UK citizenship in August by former Home Secretary Sajid Javid, according to reports.

The parents of “Jihadi Jack” have been spared jail after being found guilty of funding terrorism.  Sally Lane, 57, and John Letts, 58, sent their son Jack Letts money in September 2015 when he was in Syria despite concerns he had joined IS.