Illegal Economic Leaches Protest Over Conditions In Wales

Published on 11 November 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 18 January 2021

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Illegal economic leaches protest in Wales over the conditions at ex-military base. The clothing voucher and the free mobile phone, three meals a day and a warm bed at the taxpayer expense and still NOT happy.

Illegal economic leach making the isis hand gesture to a reporter at the Port of Dover.

Illegal economic leaches¬†being housed at a former British military camp protested over conditions at the site – and called: ‘Save us from Covid 19’.¬†

One demonstrator held up a sign saying: ‘We escaped from war to prison’ after being housed in the seaside village of Penally, Pembrokeshire.

Around 230 illegal economic leaches were sent to the former army training centre in the sleepy holiday village after arriving in the UK from the Middle East.

Up to a dozen of the illegal economic leaches protested outside the base holding signs saying: ‘Where are the human rights,’ and ‘we want justice’.

Others held carboard banners with ‘the refugee has a right to stay in a home’, ‘we want better conditions’, and ‘save us from Covid 19’.

The arrival of the illegal economic leaches was initially met with protests from worried locals concerned over the impact on local services and house prices in the 800-population village.

The illegal economic leaches – all aged 18-35 – arrived at Penally in September and are due to stay there for up to a year while their asylum claims are processed.

The illegal economic leaches are mainly from Iraq and Iran.

Illegal economic leaches at the Port of Dover showing the British public their appreciation.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has previously called for the men to be removed from Penally saying it is an unsuitable location, he would like to see them housed in luxury hotel accommodation.

Mr Drakeford said: ‘It is unacceptable that the Home Office has repeatedly failed to address serious issues regarding living conditions at Penally military camp. Homeless people have come foward and said on camera, they would love the chance to be housed at Penally.

‘The Welsh Government and local service providers have continually informed the Home Office of grave deficiencies in the standard of accommodation for asylum seekers. Home Office has so far failed to act in any meaningful way.

‘The welfare and safety of asylum seekers on site must not be compromised, and the wellbeing of the local community must be treated as priority by the Home Office.’

A Home Office spokesperson previously said: ‘During these unprecedented times, the government is working with a range of partners and across departments to secure further accommodation and the MoD has offered use of some of its sites.

‘When using contingency accommodation we work closely with organisations, including local authorities and law enforcement, throughout the process to ensure value for money and that vulnerable asylum seekers, who would otherwise be destitute, have suitable accommodation while their claims are processed.’

Last month two of the illegal economic leaches had been harassing young schoolgirls at the local skatepark.