Illegal Economic Leaches Protest In Kent

Published on 13 January 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 13 January 2021

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Illegal economic leaches at Kent Army barracks chant ‘freedom’ and wave banners while going on hunger strike in protests over conditions inside camp.

The leaches protest wearing their top of the range new clothes and brand new trainers.

Illegal economic leaches living in Kent went on hunger strike and are sleeping outdoors in protest at conditions inside.

Many of the migrant leaches gathered outside Napier Barracks in Folkestone at around 1pm chanting ‘freedom!’ and waving banners. 

Only a few police officers were present outside the entrance as the protest went on, though no arrests have been made. 

A group of five illegal economic leaches slept outside their multi-occupancy housing blocks that night in sub-zero temperatures as part of their demands for better living conditions.

They have claimed that they will continue to do so until things improve, despite the bitter winter winds dropping to -2C.

The government spent six figures renovating the camp and the British public are shocked it’s not good enough for people that shouldn’t even be here.

Napier Barracks is one of two Ministry of Defence sites being used to house migrant leaches which were loaned to the Home Office last year.

The Government has struggled to house the thousands of illegal Muslim migrants who have crossed the English Channel in small boats.