Illegal Economic Leaches Costing Taxpayers Tens Of Millions

Published on 18 November 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 18 November 2020

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Asylum seekers are being put up in 100 hotels across the UK with full board while our homeless VETS GET NOTHING.

Illegal economic leaches at the Port of Dover showing the British public their appreciation.

Boris Johnson’s Government has forked out tens of millions of pounds putting up thousands of illegal economic leaches in hotels with full board.

A huge surge in the number of illegal economic leaches needing accommodation at the cost of the British taxpayer has added fuel to the fire that the current immigration system is ‘broken’.

Nearly 10,000 illegal economic leaches are now being put up in 100 hotels across the UK, a nine-fold surge from the 1,200 in March, amid high numbers of Channel crossings.

The asylum budget has doubled in the last six years to nearly £1billion.

Many millions are being spent on cancelled flights or legal aid for asylum cases.

Nearly £400million of the budget is being spent on housing for 40,000 illegal economic leaches as well as 19,400 failed applicants, with some mounting several appeals over their applications.

The figures have been compiled by the House of Commons Library and think tank Migration Watch.

The findings have led to renewed demands for overhauling the current asylum system.

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch, said: ‘The shambles in the Channel adds to the strains on an asylum system which is already at risk of collapse.

‘Reform is needed to end asylum abuse and to stop the waste of taxpayer money.’ 

The surge in the use of hotels this year was partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic after the Home Office and contractors stopped illegal economic leaches from moving from their current properties.

But it has also coincided with a record 8,500 illegal economic leaches crossing the Channel this year, seven times the number from the previous year.

Home Office figures show 60,000 illegal economic leaches and failed claimants received furnished accommodation with bill and council tax paid this year, treble the number from 2011-12.

Asylum cases have also rises from 60,400 five years ago to 110,000 in 2019-20.   

Home Secretary Priti Patel has admitted the current system is ‘broken’ and has promised reform over and over again.