Hundreds of graves at a Christian cemetery in France have been destroyed

Published on 7 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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The War On Christians Intensifies in France

Vandals went through a graveyard in southwest France before dawn on Wednesday smashing anything relating to Christian symbolism, including dozens of stone crosses, crucifixes, and images of angels and the Virgin Mary. According to local reports, the marauders profaned nearly 100 Christian graves in the Breuil cemetery in Cognac, destroying mostly crosses but also smashing a number of statues, plaques, and representations of angels and of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The desecration of the cemetery took place just days before the Christian celebration of All Souls Day, when Catholics visit the graves of their loved ones to pray for the repose of their souls.

The mayor of Cognac, Michel Gourinchas, went to the graveyard Wednesday to survey the extent of the damage, describing the incident as “lamentable” and “shameful.” The socialist mayor said he hopes the incident was nothing more than an act of gratuitous and foolish vandalism without anti-Christian motivation. “It is obviously the desire to break things, but it is the police investigation that will determine the nature of the faithless, lawless individuals who come to desecrate objects in a cemetery. I hope there is no political or religious connotation,” the mayor said.

Anti-Christian desecration has been on the rise in France, although state officials have been reluctant to acknowledge the religious nature of the acts.