Hero From Wolverhampton Patrols Channel To Turn Back Migrant Boats

Published on 12 September 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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A Home Office spokesman said: ‘There is no excuse in any circumstances for harassing those arriving in the UK.

Illegal economic migrants in Dover abusing a reporter.

A wedding DJ is behind a vigilante group of 20 men carrying out covert Channel ‘patrols’ to turn back migrant boats before they reach UK waters.

Jeremy Davis from Wolverhampton said he had spearheaded two ‘missions’ off the coast of Dover since setting up the Little Boats website. He claimed he and 20 others – mainly former soldiers and boat owners – wore night vision goggles and used a speedboat for the operations.

The disco and weddings DJ added they would listen to police and coastguard radio messages to hunt down migrants. Mr Davis said the group wants the government to stop the boats making the journey across the English Channel from northern France.

The crisis intensified yesterday as the number of migrants arriving in small vessels since the start of the year passed 6,000. More than 200 men are thought to have reached British soil from France aboard more than 20 inflatable boats and dinghies yesterday.

It means around 6,050 have made the illegal crossing this year – compared with 1,850 in the whole of 2019.

Mr Davis, who is in his 50s and is married, lives in Wolverhampton but was born in London and has previously lived in Portugal and Wales. He said the Little Boats flotilla stumbled across four migrant vessels during their two ‘missions’ but could not get them to turn around.

He told the Times: ‘Keyboard warriors don’t get anywhere, demonstrations do nothing. ‘We do not want to be running around disrupting towns and cities but we are going to do a few things that ruffle feathers.’

Mr Davis said he and the other members have no intention of hurting the migrants, adding the group was the ‘law-abiding silent majority’.

His website says: ‘We are covertly sending targeted patrols out into the Channel to engage and attempt to safely ward off undocumented illegal migrants in boats coming to our shores until the government finally act.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘There is no excuse in any circumstances for harassing those arriving in the UK. ‘Members of the public should report any unusual or suspicious activity to their local police and must not take direct action against any individuals or groups.’