Head Of Pro-Muslim Migrant Aid Organization Murdered

Published on 20 February 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 21 February 2021

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Head of pro-Muslim migrant aid organization murdered in his sleep.

Head of pro-Muslim migrant aid organization murdered.

63-year-old Jean Dussine, a retired teacher and former director of Gonneville School in France was found dead at his home after allegedly murdered by an Afghan migrant with whom he shared his house with.

Jean Dussine headed the local migrants assistance organization in Cherbourg for four years and had also been hosting illegal Muslim migrants in his own home.

According to Ouest France, Dussine was found dead at his home having been viciously beaten with an iron rod as he slept. Dussine “was sleeping when the Afghan migrant attacked him with an iron rod.

The Cherbourg prosecutor’s office has confirmed the arrest of an individual, a migrant of Afghan origin aged 20 years who was quickly taken into police custody after the murder. Police confirmed that the suspect cannot speak French.

A similar story also happened last year in France, where a medical student and pro-migrant activist also from Normandy, was stabbed to death by a migrant she was reportedly housing. Audrey Coignard (27), was brutally stabbed 14 times and found in a pool of her own blood at her home in Saint-Ouen, near Paris.

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