Grovelling Cowardice Apologises From Batley Grammar School

Published on 25 March 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 25 March 2021

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Grammar school teacher is suspended for ‘showing pupils cartoons of Prophet Muhammad’

Grovelling head of Batley Grammar School, Gary Kibble.

A teacher suspended after allegedly showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad during a religious education lesson is said to have accepted pupils would tell their parents about it before displaying the images.

Dozens of Muslim parents protested outside the historic Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire today which had to delay its opening and told pupils to stay at home amid chaotic scenes at its gates.

The Muslims began gathering from 7.30am this morning outside the co-educational free school and could be heard chanting ‘allahu akbar’. By lunchtime, the Muslim crowd remained outside the school – which was founded in 1612 by a Christian, the Reverend William Lee.

Muslims make up a staggering 41 per cent of the population in Batley, a historic Christian market town in the Kirkless region.

Today’s protest comes five months after history teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded on the street near his school in Paris by a Muslim last October after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his students.

The killing shocked the country and led to a fresh debate about freedom of speech and the integration of France’s huge Muslim population. It also brought back memories of a wave of Islamist violence that started with the Charlie Hebdo massacre, sparked by the same cartoons in the satirical magazine in 2015 when gunmen killed 12 people.

The grovelling head of the school Mr Kibble said in a letter to parents: ‘The school would like to thank the parents who contacted us on Monday, March 22 highlighting concerns with a resource used in an RS [religious studies] lesson that day.

‘Upon investigation, it was clear that the resource used in the lesson was completely inappropriate and had the capacity to cause great offence to members of our school community for which we would like to offer a sincere and full apology.’

He added that the school had taken ‘immediate action’ to investigate what had happened, including the removal of the resource from materials and the suspension of that lesson content from the scheme of work.

The cowardly Mr Kibble continued: ‘As an additional precaution, we will undertake a formal review of the RS curriculum to ensure no other resource or statement is inappropriate and take appropriate action as needed.’

‘The member of staff has been suspended pending an independent formal investigation. The school is working closely with the governing board and community leaders to help resolve this situation.’

He also told how the school was now investigating the matter ‘using formal processes and we are grateful for the support of the local authority’.

With parents gathering outside the school, it sent them all a text message to say: ‘Due to the disturbance outside of school, if your child has not already set off please keep them at home as school will be starting at 10am.’


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