Grieving Couple Harassed And Abused By Welsh Police

Published on 1 March 2021 by BrickTop

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Radek was stripped naked and abused because he went for a walk after a family member was hospitalised and in a coma.

Here is his letter from a Facebook page.

“I want to begin this testimony with a simple, rhetorical question:
Is it not our most basic human right to decide for ourselves what is good and essential for our well being?

Let me give some background of our personal circumstances.
My family was struggling with many issues that are sourced in the constant lockdowns and homeschooling. On top of that came personal family problems which we faced in the last months. They include the very serious illness of my wife’s brother and death of close relatives. We were not even able to say goodbye or go and attend the funeral in Poland.

On the 28th of February me, my wife and our older teenage son decided to go for a walk to one of our favourite spots in Wales, to Talacre Beach. We needed this. Weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a nice and peaceful Sunday afternoon walk. On our way back we crowned the trip with some ice cream and were ready to head off home.

As we came to the car park, we saw there were two police women (PC 3551 Rowlands and PC3519) who were in our understanding handing over penalties to all the owners of cars who were there. We were in no rush to finish our ice cream as we stood by our car. Not long and we were approached by one of the female officers who asked us why we were there and began explaining the covid legislation.

We tried to explain to them our circumstances and that this journey was really essential for our well being. Soon the other police officer joined and they requested my personal details. I asked them whether I was being detained and they said no. I asked them to stop the conversation in that case because I wanted a peaceful time with my family. I refused to give my name as I said that I have not done anything wrong or against the law.
At that point officer PC3519 said that I am under arrest for breaking covid regulations. I passed the car key to my wife and they handcuffed me. I asked my wife who had her phone out to record their badge numbers. I was taken into the police car. After a few minutes they opened the door and asked me outside because they needed to search me. I said I did not agree to any search.

As they entered the car, they told me a number of times that if I give them my name, they could immediately de-arrest me. I did not feel what they were doing was right or lawful and again refused. This was repeated also once more when they were driving the car to the police station.
I was driven to custody and was locked in a small interrogation room. A sergeant of the station (PC1767 Williams) came to me and explained that he did not want me there, but they have the right to keep me in custody for 24 hours. He said if I continue to refuse to give my details I would be strip searched. When he finished, I told him that I did nothing wrong and that I am there against my will and I never consent to any of this. He then became very bullied and exploded with anger and began shouting to my face that if this is the way I want to play with him, I will now learn that he is the one giving orders in this place. He shouted at me saying that he made his risk assessment of me and will now order my strip search. He then left the room banging the door.

About 45 minutes later two other police officers came whose badge numbers or names I do not know. They said they were taking me for a strip search and told me to follow them. I said I did not consent to any of this and asked two things. I was still handcuffed and the right cuff was very tight on my hand and I had no circulation in the palm. I asked whether it could be loosened a little bit. They said it could not. I also asked whether I could use a bathroom, for I really needed it. They said there would be a toilet in the room they were taking me to.

I was taken into a custody cell where they asked me about my size for I would be given some clothes to change. I told them I do not want that and I am happy to stay in my own clothes. I asked again whether I could use that toilet and asked for some toilet paper. The sergeant came and literally said “no shit* for him until we are finished”, then he left. The officers told me that if I do not want to change my clothes they will have to cut them. I said I do not want any of that and then one of them went outside to get a confirmation from the sergeant they were to cut my clothes and brought scissors. At that point I did not want my clothes ruined and I said I would put their replacement clothing. I had to strip naked in front of them and put the pyjama like a criminal. It felt very humiliating and intimidating.
I was explained my rights to speak to a solicitor and after about 3 hours I was released.”

Further UPDATE: Radek was released without being charged or fined. Why? Because he has broken no laws. This whole painful ordeal was for nothing.

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