Disgraced Muslim Orthopaedic surgeon struck off

Published on 24 July 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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Over a seven year period the NHS pervert left workmates living in fear.

Pervert Muhammad Khan

A consultant surgeon has been struck off in disgrace over a sex terror campaign in which he forced himself on female colleagues, smacked them with medical equipment and dictated what they should eat in a sexualised attempt to ‘control’ them.

Muhammad Khan, 55, would grope the women at work, make smutty remarks about them in his native language during surgery and even banned two of them from working with each other because they ‘talked too much’, a tribunal has heard.

Over a seven year period, the NHS sex case left workmates living in fear of him over his ‘trademark’ habit of sneaking up behind them, pressing his genitals against their bottoms and making suggestive groaning noises in an area of a hospital known only as ‘the back corridor’.

One young female assistant was repeatedly asked out on a date, grabbed in a ‘bear hug’ and had her breast squeezed by Muhammad Khan who told her: ‘I like your small ribs’ as she was tannoying for a patient to be brought into theatre.

A staff nurse was told by Muhammad Khan to ‘hurry up and have an affair before she dried up’, and was slapped on the bottom by the surgeon who said: ‘Big, firm and you liked it.’

A third colleague, an operating department practitioner, said Muhammad Khan put his genitals close to her face while she was kneeling down in a locker room filling out a form.

She said: ‘If you don’t get that fucking thing out of my face I will bite the fucker off’ only for pervert Muhammad Khan to retort: ‘Don’t bite it – blow it.’

Muhammad Khan was finally sacked by bosses at Barnsley District Hospital in South Yorks over the incidents between 2006 and 2013 following complaints and he was later reported to police and the General Medical Council.

At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service he was found guilty of sexually motivated misconduct involving three women. He had previously stood trial in a crown court for sexual assault but was acquitted by a jury.

The pervert, originally from Natal, South Africa, had started working at the hospital in 1995 and was promoted to the role of Clinical Director for Othopaedics in 2010.

The Manchester hearing was told the work environment ‘was male orientated, full of innuendo and banter between staff.’

But the staff nurse known as Miss A said Muhammad Khan would make ‘rude and inappropriate comments’ towards her and would press his groin against her from behind while ‘groaning suggestively’ or saying ‘this is what I’d like to do to you’.

She said he also also grabbed her breast, while she was in her scrubs and with her hands pointing upwards ready for surgery.

She was further banned from working with a female colleague as Muhammad Khan claimed they ‘talked too much and it distracted him.’

Miss A said in one incident to stop her from talking, Muhammad Khan struck her on the hands on two occasions with a bone lever.

In another incident when margherita pizzas were ordered for the department, she expressed a preference for something different, but Muhammad Khan told her: ‘You will eat what I tell you to eat.’

Miss A initially requested a transfer rather than complain and in a statement said: ‘We were all quite scared of Mr Khan due his perceived power in the hospital and the department.

‘He was controlling and I had a genuine concern as to who would believe me as it would be my word against his.’

She said she found Khan ‘intolerable to work with’ and recalling the time she was smacked with the bone lever said: ‘I didn’t say anything to Dr Khan when this happened.

‘I realised by this point that my feelings on any subject were irrelevant and I felt I had given up trying as it was easier to just conform and to do what he wanted.

The Senior Theatre Practitioner known as Miss C told how Muhammad Khan pressed his genitals against her bottom, and said ‘this is what you are missing out on’.

He also touched her crotch when she was passing him in a coffee room doorway and also while they were in the coffee room itself.

On one occasion he approached her so closely, his genitals were in her face while she was crouched over a bin.

She also said Muhammad Khan made lewd comments to her in his native Afrikaans saying: ‘Ek sal jou fuck’ – translated as ‘I wll fuck you.’

In her statement Miss C said: ‘I didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying but I knew the gist of what he meant and I caught the odd word.’

Miss D, an Assistant Technical Officer at the Hospital, said Muhammad Khan would repeatedly suggest she should go ‘on a date’ with him.

During an incident when she banged her knee in an anaesthetic room, Muhammad Khan said: ‘ooh I bet that hurt, let me rub it better’ for you.’ 

Later when she had been asked by a nurse to call for a patient, Muhammad Khan approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her chest before making a kissing gesture.

She told the tribunal she tried to resist but Muhammad Khan grabbed her from behind again, ran his arm across her chest, put his hand on her breast and squeezed it, ran his hand down her back and across her buttocks, and said ‘no one needs to know about this’.

During the tribunal she fled the hearing in tears as she gave evidence saying: ‘This mans ruined my life and nobody believes it.

‘This was a very difficult time for me and I didn’t want to tell the police because I thought it would be like this – it’s scary and horrible and I am embarrassed.’

She said when she reported one incident to colleagues one told her: ‘He does it to everyone – we just tell him to fuck off.’

Muhammad Khan was initially reported by Miss D in 2013 but an anonymous letter was sent to the health trust detailing more allegations.

The hospital in Barnsley

He was sacked the following year but later won an unfair dismissal case at an employment tribunal which said he should be reinstated. He obtained work in locum roles after the trust appealed the decision.

Muhammad Khan claimed he was the victim of a ‘conspiracy’ and despite getting awards at school and college for his understanding of Afrikaans said: ‘Due to segregation in South Africa I rarely encountered anyone who spoke Afrikaans during my childhood and education.

‘I have never conversed with anyone in Afrikaans, know very few Afrikaans words and I certainly don’t know any rude or vulgar words. So this is nonsense.’

But tribunal chairman Damian Cooper said: ‘Mr Khan’s clinical practise has never been in question – however his behaviour fell gravely short of the professional standards expected of a doctor.

‘The tribunal was extremely concerned that he was prepared to touch colleagues in intimate areas of their body. 

‘He held a position of significant influence and power within the department and should have acted with integrity and as an example to his colleagues. Instead he abused his position of seniority.’