Cockneys are becoming an endangered species in London

Published on 7 November 2019 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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‘You come out of the tube and it’s like Baghdad’: Documentary shows how white Londoners are fleeing the East End.

Last Whites of the East End

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The white population of Newham has halved, with immigrants moving in to replace them.

Once almost all white working class, the area in the shadow of London’s Olympic Park now has the lowest percentage of white British residents of anywhere in London. And it is the most multicultural place in the whole of the UK. According to Last Whites Of The East End, 73 per cent of the local population is now made up of black British and ethnic minorities. Meanwhile Cockneys, who moved in during the 1800s as dockworkers from the eastern edge of the City, are resettling in places like Essex.

Currently, there are 147 languages spoken in Newham, with one local primary school having pupils speaking 43 different languages and a new non-English speaking child arrives once a week. There are 66 primary schools in the area and 20 years ago more than half the pupils were white British. One local school, Drew Primary in the Docklands, now only has three white children.