Celebrities and the mainstream media are lying about Australia bush fires

Published on 9 January 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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The Truth About the Australian Bushfires.

Have you seen the photos and maps of Australia burning online? Like this one shared by one of those “scientists”, they keep telling us about.

Or this one by the gatekeepers of what constitutes real News.

Or this one that celebs around the world are sharing.

They’re pretty scary if I don’t say so myself, but there’s a slight problem; they’re all fake. If any of these maps were real, where I am right now recording this video would be on fire.

It’s not just fake maps doing the rounds; this photo keeps popping up in my Twitter feed to. 

It’s not fake, but it’s not from this year’s bushfire season either. This photo was captured in the 2013 Tasmanian bushfire, you know because we have a bushfire season Every. Single. Year.

There are others like this one doing the rounds.

To be honest, I have no idea how people fall for such poorly photoshopped edits.

But it begs the question, why? Why all this fake content when the reality is bad enough.

Well, it depends on who you ask; the reality isn’t bad enough to those whose message is “we have only ten years left until the world burns down”

Because the truth is, there is no empirical evidence that climate change either started or intensified this year’s fires.

I know what you’re thinking… if it wasn’t 100% climate change, why the heck did this year’s bushfires burn through millions of hectors of land?

So I hate to break it to you, there are three compounding factors, which together logically explain this year’s devastation based on fact, not climate change THEORY:

  1. This year a NATURAL weather phenomenon known as the Indian Ocean Dipole has caused a hot, dry spell across Australia, making the bush super flammable. 
  2. The fuel load on the ground due to lack of hazard reduction 
  3. The 183 people charged with starting the bloody things, in NSW alone.

Indian Ocean Dipole

Let me be clear, “the Indian Ocean Dipole” is NOT climate change. It’s always happened and guess what, the last one occurred before our devastating Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 that killed 173 people. 

But I bet you haven’t seen that fact on any mainstream news coverage.

I wonder why?

Hazard Reduction

Regarding the second factor, the lack of “hazard reduction”; You’re probably asking, is Green Policy really to blame?

Well, if you ask them, no way!

Their newly updated “Bushfires, Hazard Reduction and Backburning” policy tells us that:

The Australian Greens support hazard reduction burns and backburning to reduce the impact of bushfires when guided by the best scientific, ecological and emergency service expertise.”

So what does that actually mean? 

Scientific Expertise

Their “best scientific experts” are people like Kyle Hill mentioned above; who are there only to confirm their apocalyptic climate change theory.

Ecological Expertise

The greens “ecological experts” tell them what trees cannot be cut down due to reason s such as: 

  1. protecting animal habitats
  2. the tree is too old
  3. there’s some bug that may go extinct

… and so on.

These reasons make it ILLEGAL for land-owners to create firebreaks on their property, allowing the fires to spread.

Again, the greens eco-policy is to put the trees (that get burned down in a bushfire anyway) and animal homes (the same animals who got KILLED in these fires) BEFORE the safety of humans.

And if by some miracle your property doesn’t include any protected trees, the process to get a permit takes years.

Emergency Service Expertise

And when they use “emergency service experts” to justify their actions, they pick and choose specific quotes from a select few people like this one from a RETIRED Fire and Rescue commissioner; “hazard reduction measures during winter months becoming increasingly sparse.”

The best part of that quote is that hazard reduction can be done with a bulldozer 365 days a year. But if it’s ILLEGAL to cut down a tree because some nutcase is against it, then nothing else matters.


And regarding the 3rd factor; the Arsonists. 

If you ask the Greens, they’ll tell you “we’ve always had arsonists in Australia”, which is true. But the almost 200 people facing charges in NSW ALONE tells us we have an Arson Emergency on our hands.

In conclusion, climate change may be real, I don’t know, and no one really knows – no matter how emotional their argument is.

What I do know, there is no conclusive evidence that climate change was a factor in exacerbating these bushfires.

But we do have two factors we can do something about; Hazard Reduction and Arsonists. 

Let’s get on top of those before talking about the end of the world.

Watch Paul Joseph Watson video here