British teenager was forced to withdraw rape claim by Cypriot police

Published on 3 January 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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The confession was written in “Greek English” by corrupt Cypriot police.

The 19-year-old girl was convicted of lying in a Cypriot court this week after she was forced to retract her statement about being gang-raped by 12 Israeli men. 

Dr Andrea Nini has revealed the words in the statement appear to have been dictated by a Cypriot police officer.

She said “the girl would need to be a “criminal mastermind” to make him believe the language used came from a “non-native English speaker”.

And the expert, who works with the National Crime Agency, says there was “very compelling linguistic evidence” it was dictated by someone who isn’t English.

He has pointed to certain sentences that appear to be “Greek English” – such as “the report I did…was not the truth” and “I discovered them recording me doing sexual intercourse”.

There is also a spelling mistake on the word “apartment”, which Dr Nini says is not consistent with the teen’s middle-class background and budding university education.

Dr Nini said: “Of the two hypotheses; that it was composed by the defendant or that it was dictated by a local police officer, my conclusion from the linguistic evidence is the latter.

“For example, “doing sexual intercourse” is not something a native English speaker would say. They would say ‘having sexual intercourse’.”

The expert gave evidence during the trial on the girl’s behalf but Judge Michalis Papathanasiou rejected her claims that police coerced her into retracting the gang rape allegation.

She is now facing a year in jail amid growing calls in both Cyrpus and the UK to pardon her following the “unfair” trial.

The girl, from Derbyshire, insists officers questioned her aggressively for hours then made her sign a retraction that they dictated — without any lawyer present.

Despite concerns about the police investigation, her trial went ahead after months of legal wrangling and delay.

Prosecutors claimed she made up the rape out of revenge after the youths filmed her having sex with one lad and posted it online.

Judge Papathanasiou refused to hear evidence on whether she had been raped – which lawyers say was key to the case.

It’s been revealed a Scandinavian woman was also forced by Cypriot police to withdraw a rape claim or face arrest.

Judge Michaelis Andreas Papathanasiou is known to be ‘vindictive’




The 12 Israelis were allowed legal representation from the beginning — but the teenager had no lawyer when questioned nor when she signed a retraction. Her eight-hour police interview was not recorded by detectives.


Judge Michalis Papathanasiou terrorised the teenager — screaming at her: “Show respect! You must respect this court!”

WITNESSES: The judge dismissed all of the defence witnesses, including a forensic expert, claiming they were “unreliable”.

LAWYERS: When the case began the teenager’s Cypriot lawyer Andreas Pittadjis tried to discourage interest in the case by telling journalists: “It’s not a big story.” He was sacked by the teenager’s family.

RAPE CLAIM: The judge repeatedly refused to hear evidence about whether any rape took place. Campaigners say this turned the trial into a farce.

THE MAYOR: After the first court hearing on July 26 the Mayor of Ayia Napa, Yiannis Karoussos, threatened to sue the teenager for defamation unless she apologised for claiming she had been raped. At that point she had not even entered a plea.

The teenager pleaded for the PM’s personal intervention before Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

“I’m 19 and all I want to do is clear my name and come home to my family.

“I would say to both the Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister, both of whom are fathers, please support me with your actions, not just with your words. Time is running out for me. Please, please help.”