British ‘Jihadi’ bride is back in the UK and living off benefits

Published on 9 August 2020 by BrickTop

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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British ‘Jihadi’ bride and mother-of-nine is back in the UK living on a canal boat and claiming benefits after denying leading all-female Islamic State unit in Syria.

Benefits sponger and jihadi bride Natalie Bracht

A ‘Jihadi’ bride who could of ordered and seen beheadings of allied soldiers denies leading an all-female Islamic State unit in Syria. The benefit sponger is now back in the UK living on a canal boat and claiming benefits.

Natalie Bracht, 45, who holds dual British and Germany citizenship, was said to have travelled to Syria towards the end of 2014 before begging to be allowed to return to the UK in October 2018.

On arrival in the UK she was then questioned for only three hours by Special Branch under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

She said she had initially been put up in a luxury 4 star hotel before moving onto a barge and claims she receives help off the British taxpayer by claiming benefits.

Bracht now hopes to work as a busker while claiming benefits. 

Bracht had married Celso Rodrigues da Costa, 31, an IS fighter from London after travelling to Syria and she was among a group of Western women being held in Kurdish-controlled camps in northern Syria.

Natalie Bracht had married Celso Rodrigues da Costa, 31, a violent IS fighter from London

Like many others she has now denied ever having joined Islamic State in Syria and said that living as a full-time terror suspect has made her stronger.

However, Bracht also said that she started volunteering in 2012 as an interpreter for the controversial campaign group Cage.

She translated letters for terror suspects held in prison all over the world because of concerns she had over Islamophobia.

She said: ‘They are in prison, then they are free again and then they are not convicted but treated for the rest of their lives as full-time terror suspects. They never had convictions.’

Cage has said that it had no ­record of Bracht volunteering. 

Bracht’s comments come only weeks after Shamima Begum was involved in a legal battle to win back her British citizenship to return to the UK.

The 45-year-old said that Begum had been brainwashed on the internet and shouldn’t have been allowed to leave the country in the first place. 

The Home Office said: ‘We do not comment on individual cases.’