Afghan National Goes On Stabbing Rampage In Sweden

Published on 4 March 2021 by BrickTop

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Last modified 4 March 2021

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Eight people are injured in ‘terror attack’ stabbings in southern Sweden by Afghan National.

Some local media outlets are reporting that the Muslim attacker was shot in the leg.

Eight people were yesterday wounded in a suspected terrorist attack in Sweden. 

The assailant, reportedly a 22-year-old Muslim Afghan national, was shot in the leg after launching his attack at around 3pm in Vetlanda, a small town in the country’s south.

Three of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, while another two were said to be in a ‘serious condition.’

Local media gave conflicting reports that the assailant used either a knife or an axe.

His motive remains unclear but police said they are treating it as a ‘suspected terrorist crime.’ 

Local resident Olivia Strandberg told broadcaster SVT she didn’t see the actual attack but witnessed the violent Muslim man being taken away, from her window just as she returned home from work.

‘I had just gotten to my apartment when my best friend wrote me and said: Don’t go out!,’ Strandberg said, with the broadcaster showing footage of the suspect being taken away in an ambulance on a quiet street.

Local police chief Jonas Lindell told media they had identified five different crime scenes, a few hundred yards apart, in the small town of around 13,000 residents.

Lindell said the suspect was a resident of the area and previously known to police.

The extent of the suspect’s injuries were unknown but police said they believed they would be able question him. 

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