A woman in England has been jailed for 28 days for calling Anna Soubry a ‘traitor’

Published on 16 December 2019 by Dimitri

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Last modified 19 October 2020

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A Brexit supporter who stood against the remainer Anna Soubry in the general election has been sent to prison for 28 days and banned from Westminster for 3 years.

On the 14th March Dalla Mura approached Soubry in parliament’s central lobby while she was appearing on the BBC’s Newsnight, calling her a “traitor”

The judge was heckled when she sentenced Dalla Mura to 28 days in prison and gave her closing remarks. Dalla Mura and members of the public gallery shouted “democracy is dead” and “shame on you”, as chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said: “Ever since the murder of Jo Cox, MPs no longer feel able to put up with sustained intimidation.

“You showed an obsession and fixation with Ms Soubry which has led you to bullying and intimidating, and harassing, this now-ex MP for Broxtowe.”

The judge warned that Dalla Mura’s actions were emblematic of the reasons why “ordinary, decent people” would stop becoming MPs.

“This damages our democracy. Because who wants to put up with this sort of harassment?” she said.

Commander Adrian Usher, from the Metropolitan Police’s Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team, said: “Today’s outcome demonstrates the Met’s commitment to dealing robustly with incidents of harassment and abuse against MPs.